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Designing a Productive Workspace

I was asked today what I have in my home office that keeps me inspired and productive. It's a great question because since moving into my new apartment four months ago I've physically moved my workspace around at least five times. For me, it has to feel right, be comfortable and functional, and only after those things are accomplished, be beautiful. 

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How to Get Your Projects Done

We seem to put a lot on our plates these days, both at work and at home. You're probably feeling the pinch and it seems like some of your projects are dragging on forever, yet you can't squeeze in even an hour a day to finish them. Or you do, but an hour just doesn't cut it, and it seems like you'll never get it done.

But are you being effective and truly productive with your time? Or, like most of us,

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How to Organize Your Week for Essentials & Simplicity

I wrote earlier this week about the seemingly rampant disease we have these days of being so busy. There are some serious costs to always being busy, not the least of which is missing out on living an intentional life according to our values and goals. I firmly believe that focusing on the essentials, as Greg McKeown tells us in his brilliant book Essentialism, is key to living a meaningful life and meeting your goals.

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