Two Home Hacks for Easier Mornings

Do you get up and have an easy-peasy morning routine so you go out the door humming and expecting a great day?

Yeah, that’s not the experience of many.

If that’s not you singing out the door, you need two very strategic home hacks that’ll help you start your day off right so you can have more amazing days instead of ‘crazy’ or ‘meh’ ones.

There are lots of little hacks you could do for a better morning routine:

  • hang your clothes out the night before on a valet hook

  • keep all your makeup and hair accessories in one easy spot

  • put your favourite inspirational quote on your mirror so you see it when you’re getting ready

  • have a fluffy mat under your bed so you feel that warm softness on your tootsies on your first step out of bed

But there are 2 specific home hacks that I’ve found to make the most difference:

1. Setting up a coffee/tea/drink station

2. Creating and using a calm corner

Two Home Hacks for Easier Mornings
Two home hacks for easier and simpler mornings

Steps to set up a drink station

Your home should make your life easier. Getting your coffee quickly in the morning when you're half awake shouldn’t be frustrating or time consuming. If you’re scrambling back and forth all over the kitchen to find the coffee and the spoon and the sugar and the mug, you’re eating up way to much time and mental energy that could be used for much better things.

I've found that having an organized coffee and tea station allows my brain to get into the habit of grabbing the same things in the same place and therefore doesn't have to think and take up brain space in the process. It simplifies that part of my day in a way that allows me to be still and present and gain a little peace and rejuvenation. 

I urge you to pull out all of your coffee and tea or smoothies and other favourite drink stuff - along with all the accessories needed - to one spot on your kitchen counter. If you have room to display them on a nice tray on your kitchen counter, great. If not, keep them tucked away all together in one kitchen cupboard that’s handy to your coffee maker or blender. 

how to set up a home drink station

1. Transfer all varieties of coffee and tea and smoothie ingredients into permanent containers like mason jars or tins. Make them easy to see, cute to display, and label them so you can easily tell which one to grab. 

2. Store all needed utensils like spoons, strainers, diffusers, stir sticks, etc. together. Keep them in a cup or jar or hang them up on a hook so you don't have to search through the silverware drawer.

3. Stack or hang coffee and tea cups with or near the supply station. Keep everything grouped together so they’re neat and tidy.

4. This may seem obvious, but keep the station close to the coffee maker/ teapot/blender.  It'll save you from crisscrossing the kitchen and wasting energy.

5. Try to keep the drink station close to the sink (if you have an outlet there). The closer you are to the water supply you need, the easier it will be.

Steps to set up a Calm Corner

A simple life is one that is mindful and intentional, and it requires stillness and reflection on a daily basis. It's tough to find calm in your life without experiencing stillness each day. And so setting up a 'calm corner' that's just for you to be still, read, meditate, think, journal, etc. is extremely important. Doubly important if you have others living with you in your home! You'll need this quiet space to get away and focus on creating positive energy for yourself. 

how to set up a calm corner to make life at home simpler

1. Dedicate a corner that will be all your own in a quiet spot in the house. It could be a comfortable chair by the window or even a pillow on the floor in the closet. Just find somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

2. Make sure that there’s good lighting - you'll use this spot for journaling, reading and meditating.

3. Make sure the temperature is comfortable and that you have a blanket and/or pillow so that you feel warm and cozy in this spot.

4. If you don’t have one already, dig out a notebook (or purchase a new beautiful one) to use as a journal, and keep it in your calm corner.

5. DO NOT have any screens in this area - this is a space for silence and quiet contemplation. It does not allow for phones, tablets, computers or TV's.

6. Carve out 5-20 minutes each morning to get your coffee or tea and sit in your calm corner to meditate, read, journal or simply visualize your day. Make stillness a daily habit will transform your life. Truly.

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