Why Decluttering Will Help You Thrive

I'm sure you already know that decluttering can reap positive benefits at home - it makes more space, it means less to clean and it feels calmer and more peaceful. But the benefits to you go much further than that.

A decluttered and organized home allows you to thrive. Seriously. The environments you spend time in play a huge role in how healthy you are, how productive, how effective, and how successful. The things we have around us really do have a big impact on our lives. 

Why Decluttering Will Help You Thrive - and how to do it the simple way

The concept is actually quite simple - the more stuff we have the less space we have for the abundance we're seeking. That might be an abundance of health, of love, of wealth, of spirituality, or of work success. It's the life we dream of and are meant to fulfill. It's the life we can attain when we thrive on a daily basis. 

But clutter - both in our physical and mental space - can block us from thriving and achieving our goals and gaining abundance. It can drain our energy and weigh us down. 

But decluttering can be tough. 

First of all, who has the time? Secondly, it's often difficult to let go of possessions and of past memories and emotions. I can understand when I hear people say they know they should declutter and would like to but it's too overwhelming to begin. 

The good news? Decluttering can be done the simple way. 

Why Decluttering will Help You Thrive - and how to declutter the easy way

Decluttering can be an easy and quick process when done over a few weeks that gives you back your gusto little by little. You don't need to dedicate a whole weekend to cleaning out your entire home or garage. In fact, that's a bad idea because you'll likely burn out quickly and never come back to it. 

Instead, I encourage you to pick just one tiny area - in your home, your workspace and your mind - to clear out each day. The more you declutter, the more energy you'll gain back. Momentum will be on your side and soon you'll have a clutter-free environment that gives you freedom and peace. 

Here's how to begin DeclutterinG

1.  Visualize the life you want.

 Know what you want to achieve, what you look like, what your home looks like, and what you want to do with your time. Be realistic but shoot for the stars. Picture the abundance you deserve. 

2. Picture your home as it is today. 

Do those t-shirts from 20 years ago fit with your life vision? Will having the small appliances you never use help you achieve it? Do all the papers laying around prevent you from having the time to make steps toward your goals? If not, they need to go. Your life is lived out in large part at home. So the life you envision will only be attainable if your home supports it. 

Pick one spot (your sock drawer, one pantry shelf, your medicine cabinet) each day and take 5-10 minutes to declutter it. Keep a bin and a trash bag handy for donations and garbage as you go. Before long you'll have a decluttered environment that reflects your vision. 

3. Do a mental declutter.

Get a journal and do a brain dump each day of the things that are clogging up your brain. You'll feel better getting everything out on paper where you can either come back to it later or just cross it out and forget it forever. This post on doing a complete mind declutter might be helpful. 

Why Decluttering Will Help You Thrive

Want help getting started in decluttering and simplifying your spaces? Join the 7-Day Simplicity Challenge. 

You'll get 7 days of guided instructions on tacking key areas that you can simplify in 30-45 minutes each day. By the end of the week you'll be much calmer and closer to a home that's supportive of the vision your have for life. Get started today!