Using Spring Blossoms to Decorate + DIY Barn Board Tray

Don't you just love Spring? And I'm not even talking about the warmer weather and being able to get outside more. I mean because of all the free decorations for our homes that are available now! Looked outside lately? Have you spotted the lilacs, crab apple blossoms, cherry blossoms and other goodies all around us? OK, maybe you have to take a little drive or hike in the country to see them, but they're there. And they are the most beautiful decorative items you can ever get for your home, all without spending a dime. 

DIY barn board tray instructions at bottom of post 

DIY barn board tray instructions at bottom of post 

Get out for a drive or walk this weekend and take some clippers with you. Make sure not to take from someone's private property of course, but if you spot a cherry or crab apple tree loaded with blooms on the side of the road, snip one or two branches - don't rip them or take too many as this will hurt the tree. Or visit your local nursery or farmers market to scout for some wild blooms. 

Here are some ideas from my own home (and my Mom's) for how to use natural Spring blossoms to decorate. Dig out vintage bottles and jugs, arrange them in trays, and create vignettes on your desk, table, credenza, and even in the bathroom. 

ideas for using Spring branches and blossoms to decorate
Japanese Yew as desk decor - how to bring nature inside to decorate
how to use Spring blossoms as free home decor
using crab apple blossoms to decorate

PLUS: A simple DIY for a long wood centrepiece tray made out of reclaimed barn boards:

  • Find a 7" wide plank or barn board (about 1" thick) and cut to 36" long (or your desired length) using a hand saw or mitre saw - this is your bottom base board. 
  • Using two more boards, cut 4 strips with a hand saw or table saw: 2 for the long sides at 36"x 2" wide and 2 for the short sides at 7"x2". 
  • Using a mitre saw, cut both long and short side pieces at a 45 degree angle so they join together. 
  • Glue each edge together and then nail with a finish nailer. 
  • Sand edges smooth so there are no sharp edges. 
DIY reclaimed barn board tray
DIY tutorial for reclaimed barn board tray for table
DIY wood tray for centrepiece vignette

I don't fuss much over these wood projects - I think imperfection makes them even more beautiful - so don't worry about getting it perfect.

Oh, and I also simply used recycled Kombucha drink glass bottles for the vases - these beauties are from RISE Kombucha - my favourite! 

Have fun bringing in beautiful Spring branches and blossoms everyone.