Essentials for a simple bedside table that promotes healthy, joyful living

In an ongoing effort to simplify my life and home, I find that my bedroom, and in particular my bed and bedside table play a big role in my overall wellness and how I feel. This is my safe place, my sanctuary where I rest and relax, where I can forget about the pressures of life. 

My current bedroom

My current bedroom

So I don't like to have clutter around my bed. I keep my night stand clean and functional, but also beautiful, since it's what I see when I shut my eyes at night and open them again in the morning.

And I make it a rule to not have electronics in my bedroom - it's a no-screen zone. It's one of the essentials in creating a bedroom - starting with a simple bedside table - that promotes healthy, joyful living. 

Must haves for a simple & healthy bedside table:

  • A drawer to keep lip balm, hand cream and a small notebook and pencil for journaling. Make it a habit to get anything worrying you off of your mind before bed, as well as jotting down what you are grateful for.

  • A small pretty bowl or tray to throw earrings, watch, and glasses into at night (and mine usually has a sachet of lavender in it as well).

  • A vase of fresh flowers or a green plant to help keep the air fresh and also brighten your day upon waking. Aloe is one of the best for the bedroom for purifying air and not needing much light.

  • A small lamp or wall sconce that's bright enough to read by and easy to turn on and off without getting out of bed.

  • A shelf or space on the floor (perhaps in a basket) for books and extra pairs of socks for when your feet get cold.

Must Not Haves:

  • Any kind of electronics, phones, tablets, laptops or alarm clocks. Research says we sleep better and have better health all-around without EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies) and the blue light that comes from electronic clocks and cords. Give your wired-up system a rest at night by keeping electronics and lights out of your bedroom, or at the very least on the other side of the room from where your bed is.

Here are the essentials needed, along with sources, to make it easy for you to set up a simple, functional and beautiful bedside table that promotes health, wellness, and a simpler lifestyle. 

key elements of a simple bedside table

1. Wall sconce plug-in light: Wayfair // 2. Aloe vera plant in a concrete planter (at your local nursery) // 3. White ceramic bowl: Etsy // 4. 2-drawer nightstand: Wayfair // 5. Natural-weave basket: Michael's.

That's it. Keep it clean. Keep it organized. Keep it simple. Your days will begin on a good note and life will be just a little better. I challenge you to take a look at your night stand. If you don't have one or if yours just isn't working for you, see what you already have in your house. Maybe a sturdy chair or a bench would work. Perhaps there's something you can paint and fix up from a garage sale or thrift shop. Gather the five essentials and then go to bed early to relax and enjoy the simple life! 

Here are a few examples of my own nightstands over the years. 

Bedside table with hanging lamp and wooden bracket - click for DIY

Bedside table with hanging lamp and wooden bracket - click for DIY

simple bedside table

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