Using Fusion Paint to Refresh a '60's Dresser

So I finally took the plunge. I don’t really know why I waited so long. Maybe it’s because I was happy enough with my old way of painting furniture. Maybe I was being stubborn and not going along with all the hype.

Now I know better.

Fusion Mineral Paint is freakin’ awesome.

I picked up a big, heavy old 60’s dresser from a Kijiji ad for $30 a year ago. It’s fairly low and long so I figured it would be perfect for both a display surface and tons of closed storage.

The problem was that it was U.G.L.Y. Truly, seriously, ugly.

But not anymore…

Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue Dresser

Say hello to Fusion Mineral Paint in Midnight Blue.

Seriously, this stuff went on so easily and quickly and smoothly I was cursing myself for not using it sooner. I was finished painting the whole dresser in about 20 minutes. I did two quick coats and it only took about a third of the small jar of paint.

Seriously. Best stuff ever. (I think I’ve been watching too many old Grey’s Anatomy episodes on Netflix. Seriously.)

I did no sanding or prepping for this DIY dresser project whatsoever. The finish on the piece was that lacquered wood look but it was in good condition, so I simply painted right over it (I forgot to take a photo of the before to show you!).

As you can see, I left the edges of the dresser and the legs in the original wood finish and painted out the top, sides and fronts of the drawers in Midnight Blue. I didn’t even need to tape it off - the Fusion paint was thick enough and smooth enough that there were no drips and I could just paint right to the edges without any spilling over onto the wood parts.

To date, I have not put a top protective coat over this piece, but if I was going to use it more often and thought it might scratch I will. So far, it’s been holding up perfectly, even when I moved my TV to sit on for the winter season.

DIY repurposed dresser in Fusion Paint navy blue
DIY dresser makeover - Midnight Blue Fusion Paint

If you’ve been putting off a furniture painting project because of the hassle, wait no more. Pick up a Fusion colour and be done with it. You’ll love the results. Seriously. :)

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