16+ ways to use repurposed vessels to organize

Is the stuff in your home overflowing and preventing you from having a serene, joyful and stress-free life? Gather up some vessels you've already got on hand and repurpose them. A vessel, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is any hollow container. You know - cans, jars, bowls, baskets, trays, and crates. It's a cheap, easy, and stylish way to organize your stuff. 

1. Jars

One of my favourite vessels for storage is a recycled glass jar - I use them for practically everything from food to tea to craft supplies to buttons to laundry detergent to soaps to office supplies. They're great because you can easily see what's in them and when you need to stock up again. And they're easy to come by  - just recycle mason jars from soups or sauces, or pick a few up at the local flea market. 

ways to use jars to organize

2. Baskets, crates, bins & boxes

Baskets, crates, bins, and boxes are brilliant for pretty and organized storage. Natural fiber baskets and vintage wire varieties work well, as do antique wooden crates.

using baskets to organize
entryway using bins and crates to organize

3. Trays

Trays corral practical items or collections to display neatly and with more impact. Try using them in the kitchen, on your dresser to hold jewelrey, on the bathroom counter or toilet tank, or as a phone charging station. 

4. Bowls and cans

And finally, bowls and cans are pretty ways to keep everyday things handy and on display. 

I hope these inspire you to gather and organize using budget supplies you can recycle and reuse - it's easy and cheap and makes your day-to-day life at home some much more functional, stylish and peaceful. Happy organizing!

16 ways to use repurposed vessels to organize