How to Hygge at Home

The Danish have an amazing word for embracing life, hunkering down and living cozily and happily: hygge (pronounced 'hoo-gah'). This is a concept that those of us in the doldrums of winter need to embrace! And it’s easier when you create a hygge home.

how to hygge at home

How exactly can you do that, especially if you don’t want to spend much (or any) money on it?

By rearranging and refreshing your home with things you likely already have in a way that makes your home cozier and easier for daily living in the season you’re in.

6 ways to create a cozy, Hygge home

1. Use nature.

Bring natural elements like plants, flowers, branches, wood, and even rocks inside to kindle that intrinsic connection with nature.

how to create hygge at home

2. Repurpose what you have.

  • Use sheepskin floor mats to lay over chairs for extra coziness.

  • Bring all your cozy throws and blankets out of the linen closet and stack them on a bench or lay them over the arms of your chairs and sofa.

  • Put your cozy socks and slippers into a basket in the main living area or at the entryway.

  • Purchase new soft and fluffy cushion covers for your existing pillows.

  • Layer on an extra blanket at the end of the bed so it feels extra soft and warm.

how to create a hygge home

3. Up the ambiance.

  • Use soy or beeswax candles and/or a misting diffuser with an essential oil blend.

  • Mix up a jar of Epsom salts with a few drops of lavender essential oil and keep it by the bathtub for enticing warm baths.

  • Use soft lighting from table and floor lamps to cast a warm and inviting glow in your rooms.

  • Create a drink station on the kitchen counter so that making naturally sweet-scented and soothing herbal teas is convenient and easy.

4. Set up your kitchen to make healthy comfort food.

Winter is a great time to let out your inner chef and explore new recipe books for hearty dishes and yummy baked treats made with organic whole foods that will boost your happiness and your immunity. Organize your kitchen to have spices and baking ingredients and cooking utensils at the ready. Invite friends over to sample your wares. 

5. Rearrange your spaces.

Set up your home so that you can enjoy indoor activities through the season.

  • Rearrange your living room to encourage conversation - then have friends over for tea.

  • Keep your bed away from drafty windows, and make sure that you have a good lamp by the bed for reading.

  • Make room for your yoga mat and keep it out for daily stretching.

  • Take space from an under-used room or an empty corner to set up a meditation space or quiet zone for journaling.

  • Add cozy cushions to dining chairs and/or bring in a bench and get the whole family spending evenings playing board games.

how to hygge at home

6. Be mindful.

Practice fully enjoying what you do, even if that's staying indoors and waiting out winter. To embrace hygge is to appreciate downtime, stillness and sharing space with loved ones. So stop multi-tasking and start enjoying the moment.

The fundamental concept of hygge is embracing life. So let's try to embrace this season - and every season - by creating a hygge -and happy - home.  

Want more ideas to create a home that’s beautifully warm, supportive and contains only the essentials needed to live well? Download my free guide to Essentialism at Home.