How to Create a Simple Home Meditation Space

I started meditating last year when I realized that I was getting too caught up in the rush of work, commuting, social media and trying to "be and do more" all the time. While it's still challenging a lot of the time, meditating lets me put a little space between my ego, with its constant thinking and planning and worrying, and my Being.

But quieting the mind is not easy - at least not for me. So it's been helpful to carve out a  little corner of my home where I'm surrounded by things I love and where I can build a consistent routine of being still and present. This sacred space is a spot for me to be calm and meditate, and also sometimes to read uplifting or spiritual books, to drink tea, to set intentions and to journal about gratitude and what's in my heart. I don't think that meditating has to be so intimidating - it can simply entail sitting quietly, breathing and reflecting on God's Word or anything that you believe in that's bigger than yourself (check out these 5 meditations you can do in 5 minutes to get you started).

How to create a simple home meditation space

Here are the steps I've taken to create a simple home meditation space that's enticing to go to every day.  Hopefully, they'll make it easier for you to create your own little spot to make meditation a regular habit in your home as well. 

5 steps to create a simple home meditation space

  1. Select a space that's quiet, away from the traffic zone, and not used for sleeping, working, cooking or watching anything on screens.

  2. Have cushions and blankets to make it comfortable and keep your temperature regulated. It doesn't have to be on the floor - it could be a chair or anywhere that you can sit upright, open up your heart, and be comfortable. 

  3. Have a focal point - perhaps a photo or symbol that has special meaning, or out a window looking at the sky or greenery.

  4. Appeal to the senses. Diffusing the air with lavender or other essential oils is a great idea. Or use naturally-scented soy or beeswax candles. Sometimes light music or nature sounds help. And soft lighting from lamps (not overhead lighting) is relaxing. Try a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

  5. Include natural elements in order to feel connected to the earth and the world we are a part of. Bring in flowers, branches, rocks and/or green plants

  6. Keep clutter to a minimum to induce a calming, peaceful feeling. Just keep the space simple and clean. 

Good luck with your journey toward meditation and more quiet time for reflection. Set up a space in your home to support you, and keep it simple! 

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