How to Design an Eco-friendly & Healthy Bathroom

Bathroom refreshes can be simple or elaborate, but are always a good idea since they not only lift the value of your home but, even more importantly, they make a huge positive impact on your daily life. Your bathroom should be relaxing and rejuvinating. It should be easy to clean and maintain, and provide you with a feeling of comfort and ease.  But there is one more thing to consider if you're planning a bathroom refresh: it should also be healthy and eco-friendly.  

How to design an eco-friendly and healthy bathroom

This is a room that can make a significant impact on the health of the planet along with your own health, so be sure to keep water-efficiency and low-impact materials in mind. Desigining a bathroom sustainably doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. There are a few essential elements to include to be eco-friendly, plus a few other organic items that will make your space pretty and healthy. 

I promise you'll feel better all around. 

Here are the essential elements to consider including when designing (or redesigning) your next bathroom refresh. 

how to design and eco-friendly and healthy bathroom

1. Sanger 100% Cotton Shower Curtain from Wayfair. Make sure to ditch your plastic vinyl shower curtain for a PEVA liner and a nice 100% cotton, linen or bamboo shower curtain. 

2. American Standard Times Square water saving showerhead and kit. This elegantly simple shower kit will save water and look stunning in your bathroom. 

3. Trim out your frameless vanity mirror with reclaimed barnboard or other warm wood. Easy DIY instructions here, or hire a local handyman.

4. Amercian Standard Water wise Boulevard Widespread Faucet. If there is one thing to splurge on for looks in the bathroom, its the faucet. It's something can fit most budgets and makes a huge difference in the feel of the room. And if you're going to upgrade you may as well choose one that's also water efficient. 

5. Use your existing vanity if possible by simply painting it out or perhaps getting a new countertop. But if you need something new, look for a piece of vintage furniture at flea markets and antique sales. An old dresser works so well for a vanity and looks so much better than a standard big box version. DIY instructions here

6. I highly suggest a white, off-white, or misty gray-blue or grey-green for your bathroom. It creates a soothing, spa-like feel that's restful to your eyes and mind. Sherwin Williams Ice Cube is a cool grey-white with a touch of blue in some lights. It's a beautiful choice. 

7. Radiance Cape Code Roman Bamboo Shade from Wayfair. A natural fibre blind is not only a good idea for your health (no chemical toxins from plastic or polyester) but it also adds warmth and an earthy feel to a room that can sometimes feel cold and sterile. 

8. American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush. This dual-action high-efficiency, low-consumption toilet won't break the bank and will help you save money and the planet in the long-run. 

9. A big, colourful, natural-fibre basket is perfect for holding toilet paper and saving you buying a new toilet paper hanger and cluttering up your walls. This beautiful basket is from Ten Thousand Villages

10. Add a plant to your bathroom to help keep the air fresh and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. 

11. Delight your senses with an open jar of handmade organic soaps. They smell wonderful and its a great way to store your everyday soaps - you'll easily be able to grab one when you need it and also see when you're running low and need to re-stock. This one from Crate 61 Organics is my one of my favourites

12. Your flooring should be eco-friendly and healthy in the bathroom. It's not a large area to cover, so spending just a little extra on eco-materials is worth it. And forgoing vinyl, which can off-gas for 5 years, will protect your health. One options is this lovely Marmoleum click floor and lay it in a cool herringbone pattern for interest. Can be found at local flooring dealers. 

13. Use reclaimed wood, copper pipe or other material as wall hooks for towels. These cute ones are from fmcdesign on Etsy. 

Friends, don't get overwhelmed when considering making your bathroom eco-friendly. If you're on a tight budget, start with something simple like switching your shower curtain and adding a plant. Then, swap your shower head to low-flow. When it comes time to upgrade, a dual-flow toilet is a must. Check out this post on water conservation at home for more details. 

Note: This post was sponsored by American Standard, and I fully support these and the rest of the promoted products here, and would never write about them if I didn't fully endorse them.