how to maximize that awkward space above the fridge

My mom used to hide things there when I was little. You know, that space above the fridge that no-one sees and is hard to reach so you don’t really know what to put there? But then I caught on and would climb up on the counter and look there and would find all kinds of interesting treasures like birthday gifts and money. Don’t worry, I never stole any! I may have peeked at the gifts though.

That awkward space above the fridge in most standard homes either has a cabinet that seems to obtrude into the room and is too high and deep to find anything in, or a useless gap between the top of the refrigerator and the ceiling or base of that obtrusive cabinet.

Either way, it's an annoying waste of good space and pretty darn ugly.

So let's think outside of the cabinet box for how to use it (or cover it up).

Here are some stylish ways to better use that area to get organized and fit with the rest of the kitchen design. Most seem pretty easy to DIY using either new boards for a "custom" look, old rustic farmhouse boards, or by removing the doors on existing cabinets and making use of baskets or bins.

Or the simplest of all - using the space for plants and extra storage! 

Good uses of space above the fridge:

space above fridge.jpg


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