How to Set a Simple Holiday Table

I love dinners at the table. My family has always spent time in both light and deep conversation over the dinner table, and since my move back to my home town and family homestead, I've been savouring them. I find it so helpful to my emotional well-being to get away from technology and stop and sit and breath and eat slowly and talk enthusiastically. A nicely set dinner table makes it even more enticing, but it doesn't have to be fancy or over-done.

how to set a simple holiday table

So for our Christmas dinner and other holiday meals this season, I'm keeping  the table simple. Well, I'm keeping my Mom's table simple, since she makes almost every sit-down meal and I eat at her table! (Yes, I'm extremely blessed!). 

simple natural holiday table setting

A simple table that feels festive and special only needs a little bit of something pretty and meaningful on it. Greenery on an interesting slab of reclaimed wood connects everyone to nature.  A bowl of oranges and nuts is colourful and practical. A few vintage ornaments or ribbon from days gone by elicits warm memories. Herbs grown in your own garden or windowsill starts organic conversation.

simple holiday table setting
natural holiday table setting

Cloth napkins make the table feel special, and it's more eco-friendly than paper napkins as well. Wrap them up with jute rope and add a sprig of greenery or a branch. For breakfasts or brunches bring out bowls to put on top of plates. It's a quick way to add a bit of significance. 

simple yellow table
simple holiday breakfast table

Inspired to take your holiday table down a notch? Don't put too much on it. Don't go overboard with fancy china and glassware and elaborate candle centrepieces. Just add something natural and one thing that's meaningful or special. And then sit down and enjoy more time at the table with those you love! 

how to set a simple holiday table
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