Simplify Life by Labelling EVERYTHING

Remember that Friends episode where Monica quips "You call eight hours alone with my label-maker wasted time?" Yeah, that's kinda me. Go on and chuckle. I can take it. Because those labels have saved me plenty of time and aggravation my friend.  And if you crave a simpler life it's time for you to become a label geek too!  

It's funny to joke about being hyper-organized, but it seriously does save a lot of wasted time searching for things when you need them. It also shows you very clearly just how much stuff you have, and probably how much you could get rid of. I encourage you this weekend to take a little time (ok maybe not eight hours, a couple will do) to group and label your stuff. Start with one room or go all out. Just start. There are a ton of simple and stylish options for making labels - you don't need to go out and buy a pricey label-maker. 

Download printables online:

Other simple ideas for labeling around the home:

how to organize tea and coffee
  • Use chalkboard paint and chalk for the tops of bottles or even on the glass fronts.

  • Tie gift tags (or make your own with recycled paper) to baskets or around jars and write on them what’s inside.

  • Tape a piece of paper or a small sticky label on a jar and bring out your best handwriting.

Here are some wonderful examples from across the web and blogosphere (as always, click on photo for source). 

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