green idea: repurposed tin can DIY planters

repurposed natural DIY planters

Isn't it wonderful how plants can lift your spirits on a dark day or after a long winter? Even better is when they're displayed in pretty pots and vessels!

No need to spend money on expensive ceramic or glass pots though - tin cans pulled from your recycling bin, or purchased at IKEA or the dollar store will do the trick. Get creative and wrap them in whatever material suits you.

I recently wrapped some IKEA metal planters (tin cans would work just as well) with repurposed natural materials -  jute rope, birch bark and burlap.

Rope is found at the hardware or craft store, and burlap at the craft store. Birch bark may be harder for you to come by, but often there is some on the ground on nature trails in the Spring. 

Simply use a hot glue gun to secure your material to the can. 

Don't they look cute? 

DIY upcycled can planters
diy birch wrapped can as planter
DIY repurposed cans as patio planters - sustainable patio decor