Simple, natural holiday table setting ideas

I find setting the table for Christmas dinner one of the loveliest parts of the holidays. There's something about taking the time to make the atmosphere special for family and friends that gives me a little rush, yet seems peaceful at the same time. Do you find that too?

I keep my tables simple so the beauty of natural elements that I always include can shine through. Connecting with nature as we celebrate makes everything more meaningful and wakes us up - even for a couple of hours - from the materialism that can creep in at this time of year.


I've collected photos of some of my past holiday tables to share with you as ideas of how you can create a special table without getting fancy or buying a lot of stuff.

Things to use for a simple, natural holiday table:

  • Greenery from outdoors - pine, fir, spruce and cedar are lovely as twigs brought inside.

  • A bowl of pinecones, acorns or nuts.

  • Spices like star of anise, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks.

  • Fruit in bowls or one on each place setting. Oranges are great for Christmas.

  • Homegrown herbs in small pots.

  • Succulents.

  • Linen or cotton cloth napkins instead of paper.

  • Napkins tied up with jute rope as a napkin ring.

  • Make place settings with a small slice of a birch branch or simply write a write down the names on craft paper.

How to set a natural, simple holiday table
ideas for a simple, natural holiday table
natural, budget friendly holiday table ideas