Seven Steps to Organize your Master Bath

A simple, joyful life takes on a different meaning for everyone. But whatever our varying definitions of a simple life may be, the actualization of it begins with simplifying day-day tasks to free up time and mental energy for the good stuff.

One effective way of doing that is to organize your master bathroom. 

This weekend, tackle cleaning and decluttering the main bath in your home that you personally use. You can work on the kids' or guest bathrooms later - your own alignment should come first since it will help you manifest peace and stability in others as well. 

6 essentials to simplify your master bathroom and morning routine:

1. Declutter.

Get a laundry basket and put in it everything that does not belong in the bathroom. Include old magazines, empty bottles, broken appliances or things being stored there but aren't used in that room. Take inventory of all hair dryers and irons, razors, soaps, lotions, etc. If there are any that are not working, expired or that you haven't used in the last six months, remove them. Donate them or put them in the recycling bin. Combine and use up half filled soap and shampoo bottles. The name of the game is to declutter and have space - not a jumbled mess of things to search through each day. 

2. Deep clean.

Get down and dirty and scrub everything out really well. Use a natural home-made cleaner such as vinegar, water, and essential oils (see my favourite formulas here). A lemon and baking soda do nicely to scrub grime and mildew. Next, put down pretty contact paper on your drawers and shelves, including the bottom of the sink cabinet. It will make things nicer to look at, thereby helping you keep it that way longer!

3. Organize all essentials together.

Organize and separate the essentials that you use every day from the things that are only once/week or overflow.  Ideas for storage:

- Use a metal magazine rack (found at the dollar store) to neatly store your hair dryer and irons inside a cabinet. You could even screw it to the back of the cabinet door to save floor space. 

- Set a pretty tray on the counter to hold moisturizers and make-up, shave essentials, etc. that you use daily. My tray has a day cream, cover-up, blush and a lip balm. The jar beside it has an eye liner and blush brush. 

How to organize and simplify the master bathroom

- Store necessary things like cotton swabs, bath salts, and overflow soaps in glass jars so they are both tidy and easily accessible. These can go out on the counter or on shelving or in cabinets. Think about adding a shelf up high - use vertical space above the door or a tub. 

- If your shower doesn't have built-in shelving, use a hanging shower caddy. I like the metal ones that let the water and soap suds drain through so it doesn't build up soap scum. Keep only one each of the soap and hair products you use daily on it so it doesn't get cluttered and take you time in the morning finding the right product. 

- I don't like keeping toothbrushes and paste out on the counter - both because they're ugly and because of the ickyness flying around the room after flushing. If you have a closed-door medicine cabinet, adjust the shelving and keep them here in a jar or cup. If not, make a spot under the sink behind closed doors. Keep floss here too, all gathered in one spot to make your night-time routine easy.

4. Use open storage for easy access.

Get creative with shelving and hooks so that your essentials are easily accessible each morning when you're half-asleep. Install a hanging bar or hooks near the shower for everyone to have their own towel spot so you can cut back on laundering towels so often. Use hooks for bath brushes and hand towels too. Think of vertical or unused space and add shelving above the door or tub, or in an awkward corner. Use barn boards or mount crates on the wall. Install hangers on the back of the door or under shelves for pj's and/or a bathrobe. Make this their permanent spot so you'll always have them their automatically. 

5. Save time on restocking.

Use a basket or bin to corral and store your toilet paper out in the open, easily accessible and so that you are reminded when you need to put it on your list to restock. 

6. Delight your senses.

Decorate your bathroom so that it will bring a smile to your face every time you enter. If you begin your day in a positive way, it will have a positive impact on your work, activities, and interactions.

  • Make sure to have a soft mat underfoot when you step out of the shower.

  • Hang a sachet of lavender from the tub spout and keep fragrant soaps in an open jar.

  • Hang pretty artwork and add a plant or flowers.

  • Introduce natural elements like wood, stones or shells.

  • Hang a small framed chalkboard and write a mantra on it that you can read and repeat every morning while getting ready.

7. Make it healthy.

Your bathroom is where you take care of yourself. So it shouldn't add toxins to your system that will stress it. 

  • Switch out your vinyl or plastic shower liner for a PEVA one, and make sure your outer curtain, if you have one, is 100% cotton, linen or hemp.

  • Add a plant or essential oils to purify the air.

  • Make sure that any air freshener sprays are all natural (you can see how to DIY one here).

I hope these steps allow you to make a small investment in time to organize and design your bathroom for simplicity and ease. Gaining time, peace, and a little stillness by establishing a simple morning routine in a space that supports it will set the tone for the whole day and make life a little better. Or at least calmer. :) 

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7 steps to organize your master bath