Create zones for large multi-purpose rooms

I'm working with an amazing client right now who is turning her big open-floor-plan basement space into a comfy, relaxing spot for her family. The room needs to function:

1) as an entertainment space for watching movies;

2) as a family office space with a computer and desk;

3) as a craft/play area for her sweet daughter; and 

4) as a traffic zone/storage area for entering and exiting into the hot-tub outside, where she and her husband sometimes entertain.  

It's a big enough space to accomplish all of these things, but it can be overwhelming to figure out how to arrange the furniture and decorate.  She is far from alone in not knowing where to start when it comes to arranging furniture in a large space and making most of the room you have in your house. It can be difficult to figure out in an open room how create comfy areas that suit your family needs, but not impede traffic flow. She also wants the room to be comfy and cozy, but have a light, natural and restful feel as well. 

The key is to create zones that are functional all by themselves, but that are tied together in the space through common decorative style and colours to make it feel comfortable and relaxed. 

multi-use basement floorplan

This is the floor plan we created for her basement. You can see that she can get a lot of furniture in here, but that zones distinctly separate functions and keep traffic flow to the outside doors and to the bedroom and bathroom open.

We've chosen a light neutral wall paint colour and will use mostly all of her existing furniture pieces, just arranged differently and tied together throughout the room with rugs, colourful accents, and natural elements like wood, baskets and plants. She has gorgeous antique pieces of furniture and décor that she's hoping to finally find the right home for and be both functional and out where she can appreciate them. 

Here's the mood board we're using - the wonderful paisley print in the middle is from an ottoman she already owns, and we're building the room around it. The flooring stays, but she is adding a fireplace and built-in wall, and painting the room. 

mood board cozy basement family room

UPDATE: Ready for the reveal?

Head over to this post for the full reveal of all the different entertainment zones in this bright and beautiful family basement. 

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