DIY Homemade Natural Cleaners

If you've not switched from commercial cleaners to vinegar and water yet, it's time. 

It's the one simple switch that will make your home healthier, your lungs cleaner and your wallet fatter. It's easy to create all the cleaning solutions you need with water, vinegar, and just a few other household products. 

My all-time favourite DIY cleaner is this all-purpse cleaner that I use for everything from wiping down counters to cleaning sinks and tubs to mopping the floors. I keep a spray bottle of this under my kitchen sink and my master bathroom sink. 

All-Purpose Cleaner:

Get a big jug of vinegar and keep it and a glass spray bottle on hand. Mix together:

1 cup water

1/2 cup vinegar

10 drops lemon essential oil

2-3 tsp natural dish detergent (optional)

You can also add a few drops of orange and lavender essential oils for invigorating scent.

Other ingredients that come in handy for cleaning, disinfecting and freshening around the house are various essential oils, Borax, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for scrubbing hard-to-clean mold or grime and removing stubborn stains. 

I've got the formulas you need, using these common ingredients, all ready for you to print on a pretty label for each cleaner in my ebook below.

Print and paste or tape them onto a reusable spray bottle and just fill up every time you need. I use both re-used glass and plastic spray bottles, cover them in a pretty cardboard paper, then put my label over top.  

The printable labels come as a bonus with my ebook, The Simpe Guide to a Naturally Healthy Home. It will walk you through making the switch for cleaners, fresheners, furniture and decor so that you have a more naturally healthy and sustainable home, without stress or a ton of money. 

Let's get back to what our grandma's used to do and keep it simple. And naturally clean.