Green Idea: DIY recycled newspaper seed planters

Here's a really easy and cost-friendly way to start some herbs or a patio veggie garden from seed. I love growing my herbs and salad greens from seed so that I have access to fresh, organic food whenever I need it. I now live in the country with a big garden and greenhouse, but I used to do this when I was in a small condo with a tiny condo balcony too. 

DIY recycled newspaper seed planters

How to make newspaper seed planters: 

DIY recycled newspaper seed planters

Find some organic, preferably heritage seeds at your local nursery or online - I really like these ones. Get some newspaper and an empty tin can. Using one section turn down the edge so it's doubled at the edge. Roll the paper around the can, with the doubled-up edge at the open top, about an inch down. Tape up the sides and bottom, and then pull the can out. 

How to make seed planters from recycled newspaper

Do this as many times as you need for all of your seeds - read the package directions for how they need to be spaced. I used leftover bits of wood shingles to make plant markers, but you could use popsicle sticks, toothpicks with waashi tape labels on them, or perhaps cork board cut into strips. Place the newspaper planters into a tray and add water to the tray, not the planters themselves. It should be enough to soak the newspaper - probably about a third of way up the tray. Then spritz water lightly over the top of the seeds to wet them. You'll need to do this every day at least once - keep them moist but not over-watered. 

how to grow a patio garden from seed - easy DIY
container herb garden from seeds - budget easy DIY

Place in a sunny spot and watch them grow! You'll want to transplant to larger pots as they grow and need more space - just use a bigger can, or switch to terra cotta or ceramic planters. 

how to plants herb seeds in DIY newspaper planters

This is such a simple and eco-friendly way to add natural elements to your home, and enjoy fresh, healthy food in the process. Are you planting seeds this year?