DIY Round Wood Shelf Plant Hanger

There's nothing healthier and more natural in your home than plants. I love them to add texture, colour and fresh air to my spaces at home and work. They help me connect with nature, even in the middle of our snow-bound Canadian winters. They make me smile, and so my home becomes happier and more meaningful.

But sometimes there isn't enough space for my plants in front of the windows and the light they need. Enter the hanging wood shelf.

This little round wood slice plant shelf was a simple project. I had my dad slice up a bunch of cedar wood slice 'cookies' last year - I  use them everywhere as trivets, cutting boards, trays and plant stands. This one I nestled into a DIY yarn hanger to hold a few little plant pots in th window.

I've not yet mastered macramé, though it's something I'd like to learn, so instead I simple made a little twisted yarn hanger.

  • I cut 6 strands of grey yarn to about 5 feet long, and twisted them tightly together so that they would have the strength to hold a plant.

  • I repeated this two more times so that I had three thick twisted strands of yarn.

  • I tied a knot in top and bottom (first cutting to the length I wanted when hanging from the ceiling). I chose to cut off the excess yarn hanging from the knots, but that's a decision up to you.

  • I fit the cedar slice into one end and it worked well because the yarn strands fit nicely into a crack in one side of the wood. I played with it a little to make sure it was snug and hung evenly.

  • Finally, I hung the top end from a cup hook in the ceiling in front of the window.

This was a very easy and inexpensive approach to display more plants in front of the window and enjoy seeing them grow.

DIY round wood shelf plant hanger
DIY round hanging wood plant shelf

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