West Elm Inspired Industrial Floor Lamp (an IKEA hack!)

I've had the AROD IKEA floor lamp for quite a few years, and while it does its job, the plain grey finish just didn't fit the modern-rustic style of my latest living room refresh - check out the full room here.  What I really longed for was the West Elm Industrial Task Floor lamp -  it has such a modern yet timeless appeal. Alas, I couldn't justify spending money on a new lamp when my IKEA one worked perfectly well. So instead of buying new and contributing to wasteful consumerism, I used what I already had and turned it into a West-Elm lookalike with spray paint and jutel rope. 


This project was really simple and inexpensive - I needed only:

  • 1 can of matte black spray paint;

  • 1 roll of small-size jute rope;

  • A glue gun.

Total cost was just under $15 and it took me under an hour to complete (not counting the hour watching Suits while the paint dried). 

Here's the result:

Here's how I did it:

  • I spray painted the whole lamp a matte black using Rustoleum paint, making sure to tape off inside the light head itself.

  • Once the paint was dry, I used jute rope from the dollar store and tightly wrapped it around the neck of the lamp from top-middle where the adjustment knob is, made a cut, and then wrapped again from middle-the next adjustment knob, and finally from there to the bottom.

  • I used a hot glue gun to secure the rope with glue just at the top end, middle cut points, and bottom end to secure it.

  • I sat back and marveled at my genius. ;)

rustic modern living room with IKEA hack lamp

It looks fantastic in my living room and much cheaper than spending money on a new one from West Elm. The lesson here: before ordering something new that catches your eye, take a look around at what you already have and hack it to give you the look you're after. It's easier than you think!