Sources for a modern comfortable living room on a budget

I've been working with a client this week who wants to refresh her small-ish living room so that it's more comfortable and inviting for her family of four. She didn't need a ton of help - her home is already beautiful and welcoming - but she felt she needed a little help getting the layout right and sourcing some new furniture. I spent just a little time this week through Design Coaching to get her on her way to completing the room on her own. 

The style throughout the home is a natural, modern vibe. But the living room, as is typical of bungalows built in the 50's-60's, is directly off the front door and the traffic must go through one side of it to reach the kitchen, which is partially open to the living room and front of the house. It makes it a little tough to arrange furniture for both TV and conversation, without protruding into the traffic zone. And so that room feels just a little "off" and "unfinished", which means that the family isn't drawn to it and therefore doesn't spend much time there. 

We figured out the right layout and what new furniture and decor would work to get the room she envisions. She's in need of a new sectional sofa - one that's comfortable and can withstand the dirt of two boys plus her and her husband and their dog. She'll also need another comfy chair or two (depending on the size of the sofa) so that there is ample seating and so there is a seating option that's not facing the TV when company is over and conversation ensues. 

The home, including the living room, is painted a nice neutral medium shade of gray (check out my guide to grey paints), and there is quite a lot of light coming in, so I'm recommending a dark gray sectional to withstand the dirt of family time. A light-coloured rug and white accessories will help keep the space light and airy. Warm wood accessories also would also work well to keep the space warm amidst all the greys. 

I've recommending she repurpose some of her existing furniture to keep the budget low and prevent over-consumption of new items. She has a couple of end tables that will continue to work well, and she could perhaps paint them white. She has a painted white TV stand already that will continue to work. And instead of switching out her dated ceiling fan light, she could save money by simply painting the blades and the brass in white so it blends into the ceiling. She does need a coffee table as there is none there now, but she could purchase one or look for one online or at flea markets or auctions and paint it white. Finally, a couple of lamps would be a good addition to the room for both tasks and for ambiance. 

Here are a couple of options I created that I think would work well for comfort, style and that will stand up to heavy use. 

Option 1:

sources for a modern comfortable living room on a budget
Sources for a natural, modern, comfortable living room on a budget

1. Floor lamp from Wayfair | 2. IKEA Norsborg 5-seat sectional | 3. Sputnik chandelier from Wayfair | 4. Canada map wood art | 5. Sherwin Williams Rock Candy paint | 6.Table lamp from Canadian Tire | 7. End table from Article | 8. Stag print from Simons | 9. Rug from Wayfair | 10. Marble coffee table from Article | 11. Wing chair from IKEA

Sometimes all you need is a second opinion and a little direction on sourcing new pieces in order to have a home that works perfectly for you and your family. It doesn't need to cost a lot to refresh a room, and design help doesn't need to be expensive either. 

See for yourself by checking out my Design Coaching options. Happy refreshing!