Simplify Your Home to Reach Your Personal Goals

It's a couple of weeks into January and if you're anything like me, the oomph you originally had for New Year's resolutions is starting to fade. I formed my own goals for 2016 with thoughtful intention and I still have every intention of keeping them, but freezing cold temps, overwhelm from all I want to do, and  a post-holiday sugar coma are lulling me quietly into submission.  Sound familiar? 

"Vision without action is just a dream.  Action without vision is merely exercise.  Vision with action changes the world.”  ~ Nelson Mandela 

How to make it a little easier to nudge ourselves back on track?  Simplify our homes by designating spots to stylishly display all the practical tools we need to meet goals , out in the open where we can see them, and in a way that also makes them seem beautiful and appealing. No easy feat. But it can be done. 

This week, get to work putting on display the practical things you need to achieve your personal goals (think exercise gear, cookbooks, smoothie makings, meditation pillow, yoga mat, reading glasses, camera equipment, etc.).

Often these practical things are not the prettiest, and so we tuck them away in cupboards or closets. But that means one extra step to dig them out when we need them, and one extra step can sometimes derail the best laid plans. Anyway, who says the day-day stuff that we actually need (as opposed to want) isn't pretty? It's making our lives richer, healthier, more meaningful; we should have it out to remind us of this all the time, right?  

So go gather what you need to make your goals happen. On your way peek at your vision board that we created a couple of weeks ago. What actions do you need to undertake daily or weekly to achieve them?

baskets and bowls to store exercise gear stylishly

If it's exercising or getting outdoors to be active, gather all of your gear into a basket or two to have ready where you need them. Yoga mats, hand weights, sneakers - all can go nicely into tall baskets that add texture or colour to your space. 

You could to hang baskets from hooks by the door for mittens, ear-buds, and  sunglasses so you can get outside for a walk or run quickly - no excuses. 

Make a dedicated hook for a pretty gym bag so it can hang front and centre in your entryway or mudroom. Or if you have an at-home treadmill, decorate the corner it's in so it's an inviting place to spend time. 

If your plan includes eating more healthy meals make sure that your cookbooks are out on the cupboard where you can see them, perhaps nicely corralled in a vintage wire basket or crate.

Designate a corner or a tray on the counter for your blender, powders and everything else you need if you've resolved to add morning smoothies to your routine.  

Keep healthy snacks out on display in pretty jars, and do the same for healthy baking and cooking supplies. 

Maybe you plan on meditating more, or spending more time reading books instead of screens? Create a designated comfy, cozy meditation and/or reading corner if you haven't already done so - here's how

If you're setting that alarm earlier, make it just a tiny bit easier to roll out of bed by hanging out your outfit the night before so you can see it. 

create a quiet meditation corner
simplify your life - display outfit for next day on DIY clothes valet

Maybe you want to do more writing or creative work? Get your space set up for comfort and function. Think about creating a standing desk (I use my dresser since it's the perfect height) or get a really good ergonomic chair. Have all the tools you need on hand in pretty vessels and make sure there's good lighting and a plant or two. 

create a simple comfortable home office nook

Spending a little time this weekend simplifying our functional stuff by making it easier to access and prettier to look at every day will help us achieve our goals. Little by little we'll get there!